Decks, clubs and rock’n’roll – Rendezvous@Sea


We’re setting the stage for the world’s first-year round luxury rock’n’roll cruise venture.

We’ve been instructed by the PortTown Group to provide expert advice for the launch of its trailblazing Rendezvous@Sea (R@S) entertainment experiences.

Based in Southern California, the 21 and over concert cruises will include live music from A-list entertainers in rock, country, jazz, Christian, rhythm and blues as well as electronic dance music (EDM), to name a few.

Comedy, jam sessions, burlesque, poker and video gaming tournaments, tattoo parlours and pool-side dance parties with world class DJs are also lined up 24/7 in a floating version of a concert venue combined with ‘exceptional cruise hospitality’.

The PortTown Group’s (PTG) ‘destination travel’ experiences will sail out of Southern California for two and three days every week all year round.

PTG’s founders are seasoned entertainment professionals with decades of experience booking, promoting and managing many of the most successful concert tours of the last quarter century.

They have instructed us to provide consultancy services and advice for charter and operations of R@S as well as potential expansion in the US and worldwide.

Malcolm Parrott, our managing director, said: “This is an exciting new venture taking rock’n’roll to the ocean waves.

“Our unparalleled experience in senior executive, management and operational roles in the cruise sector complements PTG perfectly.

“Between us we have all of the skills and experience essential to operate a safe, top of the range, luxury entertainment experience offering an attractive itinerary at a cost effective price.”

As well as high-end entertainment, the cruises will include gaming, top class accommodation, gourmet dining, spas and nightclub experiences.

Between them, the PTG management team has worked with such superstars as Diana Ross, Fleetwood Mac, the Beach Boys, Pearl Jam, The Who, Elton John, Billy Joel, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith and Enrique Iglesias.

Leo Rossi, who is PTG co-founder and managing partner, said: “This is the first ever 21 and over year-round entertainment travel destination cruise venture operating anywhere in the world.

“TMG’s expertise in the cruise sector and the maritime world will help us bring a new dimension to concert cruising with Rendezvous@Sea.

“It promises to be a unique destination travel experience featuring extraordinary live concerts from A-list entertainers and exceptional cruise hospitality.”

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