Maritime Services

TMG International’s structure with regional consultancies and strategic alliances around the world combined with the scope of knowledge and experience of its people allows it to offer specialist services to the global maritime industry.

Our people, managing partners and consultants are all high achievers within the industry and aim to provide an exceptional standard of service throughout the group.

TMG also has a number of strategic partners within the maritime industry who provide specialist services over a wide range of activities and products.

Marine Consultants and Technical Services

TMG is a world class marine consultancy drawn from experts of many nationalities. They specialize in the cruise and ferry sector, but also offer marine services across a wide range of maritime disciplines.

The combined expertise, experience and qualifications of our team and our strategic associates enable us to provide a wide range of technical services to the maritime industry globally.

These include ship operations, management and training, port and terminal design and construction, the technical aspects of port operation management and control.

Our technical services include:

  • Cargo movement co-ordination
  • Engineering support services
  • Emergency response planning
  • Government agency consultancy
  • Investigative research projects
  • Legislative research/lobbying support
  • Maritime security program development
  • Port facility infrastructure improvements
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Terminal services optimization
  • Vessel management system development 

Maritime Security and Risk Consulting

In TMG’s Maritime Risk Consulting division we bring security advice to shipping and offshore clients. 

Our risk mitigation solutions, all managed by TMG staff, bring together a coordinated sequence of global maritime capabilities including strategic consulting, intelligence, training, risk assessments and security audits, manned guarding and journey management ashore. 

All are designed to reduce risk while transiting or operating in High Risk Areas (HRA).

Our services include:

Maritime Guarding:

We provide advice on which armed security teams to use, and in which regions.  We will only advise on the use of regulated private armed security companies: those awarded the ISO PAS 28007 certification.

Strategic Consulting:

In today’s economic world, the maritime industry faces a myriad of risks and challenges in undertaking business, ranging from continually increasing governmental security; safety and environmental compliance standards; the economic demands for improved operational efficiencies; threats from organised crime and global terrorism.

We provide our clients with an integrated platform of services enabling them to identify, quantify, and mitigate risks to their business, people, assets and reputation.  In addition, we will provide expert witness advice.


We advise on reputable suppliers that provide risk mitigation courses to give travellers and employees the confidence to operate safely and effectively in situations that put them outside their comfort zone.


We advise on a range of products from different suppliers to provide our clients with an integrated platform of services enabling them to identify, quantify, and mitigate risks to their business, people, assets and reputation.  We can deliver bespoke custom-made intelligence services for clients focusing on specific business sector and/or geographic risks.


Risk Assessments and Security Audits:

We use a five-step risk-based and performance-based methodology. This includes:
Asset Characterisation, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, Risk Assessment and Countermeasures Analysis.

The security audit will provide a range of reports that will enable the client to measure the effectiveness of its security policy enforcement.

Journey Management:

We advise on companies globally that provide journey management services for personnel entering or leaving operational locations.  These companies are known to manage travel securely in the countries in which they operate, ensuring a safe, relaxed and productive journey.  They conduct a daily external environmental analysis to determine the precise nature of the potential or actual threats.



With our extensive experience in maritime security, we can advise on the provision of a fully integrated end-to-end maritime resilience strategy, drawing on all aspects of our global expertise.  Our broad portfolio of capability providers can be adapted to our clients’ requirements, noting the unique nature of their operations.

Ship Inspections Audits & Vetting

TMG’s team includes consultants that are professionally qualified and highly experienced in conducting statutory surveys and client based surveys and inspections.

These include SIRE and CDI, pre-purchase, condition, cargo and damage surveys, ISM and ISPS audits.

Training for the various categories can be arranged on board, at the client’s premises or in selected venues as appropriate.

Our survey portfolio includes:

  • Pre-purchase and condition surveys
  • SIRE/DCI inspections and reports
  • Pre-vetting surveys
  • ISM/ISPS/MLC audits
  • Navigation audits
  • Ship vetting presentations
  • MLC 2000 presentations
  • Training in all of these categories

Ship Operations & Management

TMG’s expert ship operating and management experience is based on many years of seagoing and in management positions ashore on various classes of commercial and military vessels and operations.

Our team and strategic partners have held high level positions worldwide at sea and ashore in senior executive, operating and technical management roles.

Our expertise covers such areas as:

  • Cruise ships
  • Large high speed Ro-Pax ferries
  • Conventional Ro-Pax and Ro-Ro ferries
  • High speed craft
  • Ro-Ro cargo ships
  • Inshore, estuarial and river ferries
  • Cellular and non-cellular container ships
  • Tankers, including oil and LNG/LPG
  • Bulk carriers
  • Break bulk cargo ships
  • Reefer ships, including break bulk and cellular container reefer cargo
  • Military vessels and submarines

Our wide range of services include:

  • Ship and mega yacht management
  • Evaluation survey and brokerage of sale and purchase of ships and mega yachts
  • Technical and operational management of passenger ships, ferries, fast ferries, Ro-Ro ships, train ferries, container and general cargo ships and mega yachts
  • Ship broking services - sale and purchase and charter parties
  • Flag registration and change of registry
  • ISM, ISPS, MLC and navigational audits
  • Insurance audits
  • Damage surveys
  • Weather routing and electronic forecasting

Port Operation and Management

TMG and its strategic partners have in-depth expertise in port operation and management, whether for specific sector or more general use.

Our experts have experience of managing cruise terminals, container ports, dry break bulk and bulk cargo ports and ferry facilities, including high speed craft and Hovercraft ports.

We are also currently involved in cruise and ferry terminal management and development.

We can arrange environmental studies and hydrographical and topographical surveys as well as advice on dredging operations and the design of port buildings and infrastructure.

Our portfolio of services also includes expert advice about the implementation of the ISPS code.

We can also carry out annual audits as well as analysis of current and projected freight movements.

Cargo and Freight Operations

The TMG team is experienced in all aspects of cargo and freight operations and can provide clients with a wide range of related services.

They include:

  • Terminal and port infrastructure evaluation
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Shore side organisational development
  • Freight research and market assessment
  • Traffic volume assessment
  • Current and projected freight movements
  • Modal shift economic assessment and planning
  • Freight planning and analysis
  • Voyage estimating
  • Forecasting and pricing
  • Cargo expediting for tankers, tank cleaning
  • Tanker on board safety training

Maritime Business Development

TMG has wide experience in setting up new cruise, ferry, container and cargo lines, including bulk and break bulk, in various countries round the globe.

We are uniquely placed to provide support and assistance in the analysis, development, planning and setting up of these and other maritime related business ventures.


We have expertise in the following fields:

  • Evaluation of new maritime business ventures
  • Potential market analysis/revenue predictions
  • Developing business plans for new maritime business ventures
  • Financial projections for new business
  • Developing labor cost projections and manning plans
  • Competitor analysis
  • Operational and capital cost evaluation
  • Investor relations
  • Regulatory compliance related to new business ventures

Port Development & Marketing

TMG has specialist knowledge and expertise in the strategic development and promotion of ports, supporting clients to achieve their aims for business expansion and efficient operation.

We have assisted port authorities and private clients in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia by delivering the following services:

  • Creation of marketing strategies for ports seeking to attract new business, such as cruise ships, ferries, fast ferries and container ships
  • Assessment of existing and proposed port infrastructure for specific trades
  • Development of financial models to create revenue projections, forecasting and pricing recommendations
  • Application of pricing model strategies based on in-depth analysis of successful competitor ports
  • Introduction of ports to ship owners
  • Management of procurement activities and bidding for ship owner selection
  • Preparation of Requests for Proposal (RFP), promotional information and brochures
  • Identification and assessment of innovation
  • Continuous improvement programs
  • Freight planning and analysis
  • Freight research and market assessment
  • Assessment of port operational interfaces and integration
  • Transport link reviews
  • Port security